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Cold Pressed Black Sesame Oil

Cold Pressed Black Sesame Oil

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Direct From Farmers! Black Sesame grown in our own farm and other farms around our area are carefully handpicked and stocked. The oil is extracted from Black Sesame Seeds using Traditional Cold Pressed (Chekku in Tamil) method. No External heat is applied for higher production and Natural Sun Light is used for Sedimentation for 4 days.  It’s one of the best tasting oil.

  • Black Sesame Seeds is a rich source of vitamin E (an antioxidant) and other nutrients like zinc, copper, magnesium, calcium, iron and Vitamin B-6. Black sesame seeds are an especially rich source of macrominerals and trace minerals.
  • Village Organica Sesame Oil contains perfect viscosity which makes it perfect to be used as massage oil on skin. It can penetrate in the skin and helps in nourishment of deep tissues.
  • Sesame Oil can be used for Oil pulling. Oil pulling is swishing of oil in mouth for about 10-20 minutes that helps in improving oral health.
  • Over 90% percent of Ayurvedic treatments use Sesame Oil as the base product. Its nourishing, calming and warming nature makes it the ideal massage oil.
  • Alleviate Stress! Cold Pressed Sesame Oil can be used in lighting diyas which fills thereby helps in spreading positive energy. It’s considered very auspicious that ancient Hindu History refer to them as the symbol of immortality.

Sesame seed benefits according to Ayurveda

  • It is best for improving strength and imparting oiliness to the body.
  • It is good for teeth.
  • It improves digestive power Improves intelligence and memory.
  • It cleanses wounds
  • It is good for hair and excellent skin moisturizer as it contains vitamin E
  • It calms vata and kapha and slightly increases pitta.
  • It is an excellent laxative.
  • It is safe to massage infants and children
  • It helps to strengthen the bones, muscles and joints as it contains rich amount of calcium.
  • It has anti ageing and rejuvenating properties. It has also aphrodisiac properties and improves vigor.
  • It clears and cleanses body channels. It improves overall strength and immunity.
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