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Organic Black Tea.

Organic Black Tea.

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Village Organica Black tea is Sourced from Tea Garden of Sikkim, Only Organic State of India. Authentic and Taste of bygone days. Grown, Cultivated with Export Grade specification in the second flush of the season, in loose Leaf form.

Black tea contains the antioxidant called Theaflavin which improves immunity, burns fat and is a potent prebiotic. It also releases Dopamine (pleasure hormone) which improves mood and confidence. Sure to Make you nostalgic. Aromatic and Refreshing. Relax and enjoy each sip as you begin your day..!!! The Taste will linger for the whole day.

Benefits of Black Tea.

  • Has Anti Oxidant Properties.
  • May Boost Health Heart.
  • May Lower Bad “LDL”Cholestrol.
  • May Improve Gut Health.
  • May Help Reduce blood Pressure.
  • May Help reduce the risk of stroke.
  • May Lower blood sugar levels.
  • Improves Focus.
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