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Organic Clove (Laung).

Organic Clove (Laung).

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Village Organica Clove is Organically grown in spice state of India Kerala. Cultivated and Harvested as per Export Standards, You will keep longing for more....with a very strong Aroma and Taste. Clove is an aromatic, dried flower bud of a tree, It is part of garam masala (a heating mix of spices), which gives aroma, taste, color, and acts as an appetizer. No Pesticides, No Chemicals & No additives.

Use of Laung(the Sanskrit term for clove) is mentioned in Ayurveda literature to increase agni(digestive fire), and ultimately to raise the level of heat in our body. In spite of its spicy taste, clove is said to be cooling by the ancient texts, showing the unique qualities of this herb even further.  Because of this special effect that clove possesses, it is considered balancing for all three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), although it will still increase Pitta (heat) when taken in excess.

Usage & Benefits of Clove.

  • Clove oil has great potency to provide immediate relief to muscle cramps. Apply clove oil gently on the affected area of the body, and then cover that area with a bandage or piece of cloth. Clove is commonly used in disorders of muscular and neurological origin.
  • Clove oil is also useful in severe Urticaria, to immediately counteract itching.
  • Kadha (decoction) of cloves and cinnamon is also used for expulsion of intestinal worms, as well as treatment for gas retention.
  • Cloves are rich in Vitamins A and C, and work as a strong antioxidant by strengthening the immune system.
  • Lavangodak,boiled water containing clove, is useful in anorexia (loss of appetite), fever, and rheumatoid arthritis because it digests ama (metabolic toxins).
  • If it is kept in oral Cavity for a few minutes, it brings in clarity, relieves tastelessness and bad breadth.
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