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Organic Coriander Powder (Dhaniya Powder).

Organic Coriander Powder (Dhaniya Powder).

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Village Organica Coriander Powder is Organically Grown, Chemical free & Unadulterated. Coriander Powder have multiple benefits for the entire body. Coriander is known for its medicinal properties, used to cure allergies, eye infections, anemia etc and is an essential items in every kitchen.  It is one of the oldest spices in the world and has been used for around 7000 years. Coriander seeds have an earthy flavour which is enhanced once brought under warmth.

The antioxidants in coriander seeds promote heart health by lowering blood cholesterol levels and reducing blood pressure. The fiber in the seeds boosts lipid metabolism. The fatty acids (linoleic, oleic, and palmitic acids) and essential oils (linalool, camphene, and terpene) are responsible for the digestive and carminative properties of coriander seeds. Some of the benefits of coriander seeds are mentioned below.

Benefits of Coriander Powder.

  • Improves Digestion
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Treats Diabetics
  • Improves Hair and Skin Quality


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