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Organic Desi Khand

Organic Desi Khand

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Village Organica Desi Khand is made by our indigenous sugarcane variety grown organically.

Its  handmade process where sugarcane juice is boiled & clean with organic cow milk and converted to raab ( liquid jaggery stage ). This raab is placed in pots & tank for 18 days for natural crystalization and the this raab is cleaned in centrifugal machine in two process first by milk & second by water and then stored.. Since it's cleaned with milk & water, it's light to digest and alkaline compared to acidic white sugar . No single chemical is added or used in process.  It can be used for Tea, Coffee, Milk, Sweets etc . The Desi khand is naturally processed and thus retains all the nutrients and actual taste of the ingredients. It offers a distinct and delicious flavour with the goodness of nature. Perfect replacement of Sugar !

Usage & Benefits of Desi Khand.

  • Ayurveda has mentioned about abundant health benefits of khand. 
  • Desi khand is best for diabetic person its less sweet when compare to jaggery powder.
  • Khand is rich in nutrients such as calcium, minerals, fiber, iron, vitamins, and magnesium.
  • Khand strengthens our bones and teeth due to the high calcium content in it. It is also quite beneficial for digestion, having high fiber content which helps in the creation of stools in the bowels.
  • Khand highly recommended for people with digestion-related problems.
  • Khand is rich in iron which makes it helpful in curing anaemia and restoring a healthy quantity of blood to the body. This can be used as a replacement of Sugar.
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